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General Mods, Specialty Part Fabrication

Sleeving Service


A Range of Options for Sleeving(Paracord/MDPC-X/Teleios) and Colors

PaintWork Service


Spray paint, Custom Stencilling & Variety of Custom Made Artwork

PaintWork Service


Custom Streaming Graphics, Logos, Emotes, and more!



Enjoy Some of Our Previous Work

DDCM Desk: Progress
PMT: Final Setup
PMT: Night Shot
PMT: Front Final
PMT: SSD Window Final
PMT: Inside Final
PMT: Side Window
PMT: Window Cuts
Blue Fury: Front Final
Blue Fury: Side Final
Blue Fury: Inside Final
Safety First
Double Dragon: Front Render
Double Dragon: Progress
Double Dragon: Progress Front
Double Dragon: Inside Render
Laptop Before
Laptop After


Geek Videos and Tutorials for Your Enjoyment


Graphics Portfolio

Our Custom Graphics Work



Who are we?

Double Dragon Custom Mods is an online identity for modder, James Whorley, to share his experience and creations with the community.

Because of the joy modding brings to James, he decided to offer his services to the community.  Making money is never his motivation, however the feeling of creating something unique is his purpose.

With so many individuals out there posting videos and tutorials, why even try?  


To them, we simply respond with one word, diversity.  They are not wrong to say that there is a multitude of individuals in the online community that share knowledge through videos and tutorials.  However, the key to multiple entities success is technical diversity.  No two modders will cut the same way or approach a problem from the same angle.  When we look to learn something new, we watch several videos from different individuals and read any tutorials that can be found.  But why?  


Because the collective knowledge of many can spur the innovation of others.



Our Partners and Recommended Modders

ModMyMods offers the highest quality watercooling products and stands behind them with industry-leading customer service and support. By seeking only the best modification products, we aim to not only assist, but also inspire liquid cooling enthusiasts worldwide.

Ikonik Modz - Honest reviews and Sexy mods

Ikonik Modz, founded by James B., is a great modding video review located in the Eastern USA.  A great guy with a level head and creative inspiration, we continue to enjoy the constant stream of content he provides. is a great charity organization that boosts Veterans through gaming.  They have several programs to include Air Assaults, Stacks, StOP, Supply Crate.  These programs range from boosting morale through sending gaming packages to troops to building a community of veterans in a location and even suicide prevention!  Go check them out and see how you can get involved.

Custom Modded Computers, Modded Accessories and Designs inspired by an artistic and crazy mind.

Just an idiot having fun making Gaming videos.

Streams every weeknight at 9pm US Eastern time and randomly on the weekends!


Check out his twitter @theskunky1 to find out when the next stream is.

Family friendly content and just good guy gameplay!

Tefen's Tech

Love technology? Tefen's Tech handles reviews, mods, builds in a fun quirky manner.  Always a pleasure to watch this guy just enjoy life of the PCMR with PCs and gaming.

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If you would like to become a partner, send us a message below.


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Tel: 775-450-9449

  • Twitter - DDCustomMods
  • YouTube - Double Dragon Custom Mods
  • Facebook - Double Dragon Custom Mods
  • Instagram - DDCustomMods

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